Vítor Godeiro

I am a Undergraduate student in Computer Science at Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in the Federal University at Rio Grande do Norte. Currently, I am working at IMAGINA Research Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Motta de Carvalho.

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I'm interested in geometry processing, computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, image processing and human-computer interaction.


Vector Graphics Rendering
Vítor Godeiro, 2018

Vector Graphics Rendering developed in LUA at 2D Computer Graphics summer course at IMPA. This render is able to draw quadratic and cubic Bézier curves, transparency, linear and radial gradients, supersampling and acceleration datastructures.


Vítor Godeiro, Leno Pereira, 2015

This is a game of maze. The maze generation is randomizes using disjoint sets, the exit path is found by backtracking. In this game it is possible to play against an artificial intelligence, the difficulty of artificial intelligence is based on the coefficient of intelligence, which influences the time to make a decision, the ability to make the right decision and the remembrance of the already exploited cells.

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